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Grief Counseling

You’ve experienced a tremendous loss and you’re not sure if life will ever feel “real” again. I’ve been there myself. After losing my dad, it was hard to imagine a new reality without him in it. However, I’ve been able to transform my grief into a meaningful life after loss. Maybe you’ve had a loved one die, maybe you’re dealing with a breakup and you’re unsure how to pick up the pieces, or maybe you’re trying to figure out who you are after losing a job or housing. With my personal experience of loss and professional training, I can support you in transforming your own loss.

Women In Business

Running an organization, managing work and family, and still having time for you can be challenging. I help women in business alleviate the burden of being “Super Woman” by helping you to create balance. With guidance from me, you will gain life changing tools to reduce stress and burn-out and enhance your overall inspiration.

Couples Counseling

Successful relationships require us to communicate effectively, empathize, compromise, and show each other love and respect. I help couples identify, understand, and replace their default thinking and behavior patterns that contribute to a negative feedback loop and unwanted response.

Christian Counseling

With spiritual disciplines like prayer and scripture reading,  we can support the integration of your faith values and practices into your treatment.

College Students

Transitions can be tough, especially for college students facing many uncertainties about what the future holds. In a non-judgmental, supportive environment, guidance at Life Imagined Counseling Services could be the inspiration that you need to identify your next steps.


I Needed to Start my Healing Journey.

I reached out to several therapists and counselors amidst a low and crucial point in my life. Schiviena was the only person who actually picked up the call and put me in her schedule immediately. I was nervous to go into my first appointment, but 10 minutes into it, I already began to feel healing, understanding and comfort. After a lot of bad luck finding therapists, Schiviena and life imagined counseling was a Godsend and the breakthrough that I needed to start my healing journey. She also does faith based counseling, which was the cherry on top for me. I’ve not only grown mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually with God. This was one of the best things I could’ve signed up for in 2019.

Very Knowledgeable and Passionate about Mental Health Issues

Life Imagined Counseling is a great service in the Greater Cincinnati area. The owner, Schiviena Crawley, is very knowledgeable and passionate about mental health issues. Schiviena was a guest speaker and  conducted a group session on unresolved issues, trauma and grief for a women’s group at my church that was very beneficial in the process of inner healing for many that attended.

I Am Enough!

“I am Enough” I am so glad I purchased this hoodie for many of reasons! One being that it reminds me every time I wear it that I am enough! I am ME, I am who God created me to be, And I don’t have to wonder about any of that! What a great statement to rock in fashion! 

I owe all of my progress to her

Schiviena is wonderful, knowledgeable, and helps me so much. She knows what work needs to be done. I owe all of my progress to her. 

Don't wait for tomorrow, your time is now!

Life Imagined see’s the purpose inside of you and provides tools and exercises that will extract those things that have imprisoned your walk of life emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually… I highly recommend their services. Don’t wait for tomorrow, your time is now! Yes…. YOU!!

I was hesitant to seek therapy for years!

Due to the stigma behind mental illness and fear of judgement I was hesitant to seek therapy for years. So happy to have found Life Imagined. Schiviena is warm, patient, non-judgemental and sincere. One of the best decisions I made in 2020 was begin my healing process with Schiviena.

I enjoyed how I was able to be myself and express myself as needed without judgement

Schiviena was very attentive to my needs and very easy to talk to. I enjoyed how I was able to be myself and express myself as needed without judgement and she was unbiased. She stretched my perspective and helped me look at situations differently, with the assignments and questions. I learned how to communicate in a better way and express myself as I wasn’t doing as much before. Overall, Schiviena was amazing. I would contact her if needed in the future and refer her to others.

Saving my Life

Mrs. Crawley has been very instrumental into my transition off Active Duty, I cannot put enough words into how she is equipping me with the tools to heal and cope with my mental health. Mrs. Crawley therapy sessions and teaching me ways to cope with anxiety, PTSD, and past traumas is saving my life. Very grateful for her just being a listening ear and truly teaching me and bringing awareness of how important it is to prioritize your mental health. Forever thankful Mrs. Crawley!  

About Me

Since your journey has led you to my website, I can only assume that you are ready to start living the life that you imagine. My name is Schiviena Crawley. I am a Cincinnati native, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), licensed to practice in Ohio. I am committed to empowering others to overcome mental, emotional, behavioral, or spiritual distress. I have a unique call to bridge the church and mental health. Through gifts of counseling, teaching, writing and creativity, my God-given mission is to promote wellness and transform lives in the church and the marketplace.

My passion for Psychology and counseling began in high school when I took an honors Psychology course. I graduated from Wilmington College with a BA in 2010 after majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice. In 2012, I earned a Master’s of Education (M.Ed) degree with a focus in mental health counseling and human development from Lindsey Wilson College.

From children and families, teens, college students, couples and adults, I have provided social work, counseling, and consulting to hundreds within Hamilton county, Butler county, Franklin county in Columbus, Ohio and at one point, the District of Columbia.

In therapy, I use a Cognitive-Behavioral and Solution-Focused approach, while incorporating biblical principles if requested. It is my hope to teach healthy thinking patterns and provide others with effective coping skills to manage the cares of life. I am especially earnest about helping women in business to create a work life balance, resolving grief loss, and trauma, and navigating through complicated life transitions.

In my private practice, I offer counseling/therapy and consultation using telehealth appointments through a HIPAA protected platform. Telehealth is counseling done online or virtually using a computer, smart phone or tablet. Telehealth makes access to care super convenient and just as effective as in person office visits.

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Counseling Services

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Individual Counseling (18 years or older)


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Group Counseling

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